Welcome to Microtips Technology

Founded in 1990, Microtips Technology is nowadays one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of LCD Modules and e paper display manufacturers. Today, we produce a full gamut of TFT Display Modules, Active Matrix and Passive Matrix OLED Modules, Graphic and Character Monochrome LCD Modules, and Fully Custom LCD Modules. We also have the ability to have state of the art technology like IPS displays, high resolution OLED Displays, and Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power. Also, we offers complete turnkey answers for our clients by contributing to work design and development. 

Microtips Technology delivers local sales and engineering support in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We are always accessible to discuss your project and make sure it will be a perfect fit for your needs. 


3504 Lake Lynda Drive Ste 110, Orlando, FL, 32817
E-mail Us: mtusainfo@microtipsusa.com
Phone: (407) 273-0204